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The latest from 'Yellowstone' filming and Kevin sightings...

The Ravalli Republic‏ @RavalliRepublic tweeted: Kevin Costner is enjoying his stay in the Bitterroot, and Gov. Steve Bullock is encouraging him to c'mon back. The filming of "Yellowstone" has pumped $1.45 million into Montana's economy, and really helped Darby. (Posted December 8th)

2 pictures and article: Costner hosts Bullock on the set of 'Yellowstone' by EVE BYRON December 8, 2017

William Ken Kittrell commented: As stopping at Wally’s Cafe in Salmon for a bite … our waitress was more than excited to share with us she had served Kevin Costner lunch and that he had autographed the wall in the booth. He went on to fly fish our river. And did well. (Posted October 10th)

Tammera Martin commented: You know your working way to hard when you meet a flight and an inbound passenger is standing an inch away chatting to someone ..while your making the announcement for the outbound delayed flight and your aggravated this passenger is way in your space you step a foot away to only look over and see that it's the one and only Kevin Costner all time favorite actor😬...and yes ..he was looking F I N E 😎...and yes...he can invade my space anytime (Posted October 15th)

Chuad Johnson commented: OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was so fun and an absolutely wonderful experience. Kevin Costner was actually with us shooting. Some speculated whether or not he was really going to fly in or if they'd use a double. He was there all right. I couldn't stop smiling during the shoot and even got a legitimate hug from him!!!! Made my day especially since I've been a fan since Dances with Wolves so I am a very happy girl and the experience was so neat! It was absolutely mind-blowing the number of people it takes to shoot a scene that 1) might not even be used 2) might be 2 min long or less if they keep it plus all the technical stuff. Unfortunately, no photos or videos were allowed. They took all the memory cards out of our camcorders and hand deleted any photos of the set, crew, and any of Kevin off our phones before we could leave. But I'll remember the experience forever and it was really great to have my cousins there with me. If we make the final cut, we are spot on in the front in most scenes.❤️ If you ever get a chance to be an extra, do it!!! One of the best days ever. (Posted October 26th)

Roberto Delgado commented: See!!!! Kevin Costner (Salt Lake City, Utah Airport) (Posted November 12th)

Rapid City Ruby Tuesday commented: Kevin Costner & Modern West came in and enjoyed some Ruby's tonight in Rapid city! How cool, thanks for coming in to see us! (Posted November 13th)

Higher Ground Hot Yoga commented: Yoga for the eyes... Did you notice that Waffle Love next door has been converted into the Churn Organic Creamery? The TV show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner will be filming an episode today in front of our studio on 25th street. Please plan extra time for parking and walking if you are coming to either 4:30pm or 6:30pm class. 25th street will be blocked off. You will still have access to get in and out of our studio. (Posted November 13th)

Montana City’s Forrie Smith to star in new Kevin Costner TV series by MARGA LINCOLN For the Independent Record

Wendy Cazier commented: I was very lucky recently to play background for this great guys new tv series "YELLOWSTONE", it was not only a fun and exciting day, but I was lucky enough to see this handsome and amazing actor up close, he's quite the doll baby!!! Other words, sooooooo darn handsome and friendly, too!!! (Posted November 15th)

Andrew Wheeler commented: So stoked to see the final product. This shows going to kick ass (Posted Novembe 18th)

Rovali's Ristorante Italiano commented: They're filming a MOVIE starring Kevin Costner right on our very own Historic 25th street! Join us for dinner tonight and maybe catch a glimpse of the Cos or other famous actors! Here's a personal invite to Kevin... come and try our Lasagna after the shoot! :-) Even though, the road is blocked off you can still park in the DMV parking lot to get your Rovali's Fix!! We open at 4:00pm on Mondays. (Posted November 13th)

Vicki Weatherston commented: Might this also be the movie they are filming on North Ogden Divide today and tomorrow? It is closed for filming!! (Posted November 13th)

Brantz M. Woolsey commented: The article doesn't mention Cherry Creek Elementary, but they were filming here in Springville last week. They were also up Hobble Creek Canyon during the summer to film some parts. (Posted November 13th)

Sonia Bartholomew Is the crew set up at the old ALC building on Main Street? Was wondering what was going on there. (Posted November 13th)

Brandy Christensen commented: Dial Yup! That was base camp. My kids are extras! (Posted November 13th)

Elizabeth Robbins commented: Filming going on outside the gallery staring Kevin Costner. (Posted November 13th)

Jeni Vizina photos of meeting Kevin: (Posted November 16th)

‘Yellowstone’s’ biggest star is Utah by Scott Iwasaki November 25, 2017 Jorge Jimenez‏ @JimenezBumaye tweeted: That moment when Kevin Costner boards the airplane right in front of you and you try not to freak out and just say your a big fan of his work 😂 @modernwest (Posted November 26th)

VIDEO: PARK CITY, Utah — The Utah Film Commission invited FOX 13's Rich Bonaduce to the set of "Yellowstone," an upcoming TV series starring Kevin Costner. According to IMDb, the series, which is partially filmed in Utah, follows the story of a ranching family in Montana as they face off against others encroaching on their land. November 28, 2017

Dale Swan Jr.‏ @TheDaleOrtiz tweeted: Kevin Costner's film crew is across from the Heber Valley Railroad again. (Posted November 29th)

Heber Valley Railroad, 450 S 600 W, Heber City, Utah

kellyklennert - Kelly Klennert: Waiting to start shooting "Yellowstone" - a new series coming out next year! (Posted November 29th)

Tabitha Pacheco NBCT‏ @tabitha_pacheco Replying to @EdTecHakk tweeted: Kevin Costner is filming a TV series right now at my kids school! @CherryCreekElem it’s pretty cool. We have prop principal signs and bulletin boards and every few weeks the film crew is there and sections of the school are closed off (mostly the gym) but school goes on! (Posted November 29th)

Marie Higgins commented: Daughter UPDATE!! Kevin Costner IS in Park City and my daughter has seen him. He plans on talking to all of the extras after the shoot today...and he bought pizza for afterwards and will eat with them.... (Posted November 29th)

Chrystal Higgins Unfortunately I didn't see him after they wrapped. He left before all of us extras did. But it was AMAZING watching him! He was giving a speech and he brought tears to my eyes....he's really THAT good ;-) He never walked near the table I was at.....however there were two other actors there who were chit chatting with me and a few others during takes!!! Eeeeekkk!! One was Buck Taylor (he was trying to get me drunk aka fruit juice) And I can't (for the life of me) remember the other dudes name and none of his movies come to my mind but I know damn sure he's popular too LOL. Anyways....I had fun!!! (Posted November 29th)

Jeni Vizina commented: Guess who I saw again. My friend Marina and I ....... Kevin Costner looks great in his western attire. (Posted November 29th)

Lori Carhart commented: On location for Yellowstone with Tim in Park City, Utah. Huge production! Look at all of the extras! Kevin Costner is giving a big speech. So happy for Tim (Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley) (Posted November 29th)

‘Yellowstone’: Josh Lucas Set To Recur In Paramount Network Series by Denise Petski November 30, 2017 The Mysteries of Laura and The Firm alum Josh Lucas has booked a recurring role in Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner, Paramount Network’s straight-to-series period drama set to premiere in 2018. Lucas will play the young John Dutton. In addition to Costner he joins previously cast Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Kelsey Asbille, Dave Annable, Danny Huston, Gil Birmingham, Jefferson White, Gretchen Mol, Jill Hennessey, Patrick St. Esprit, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards.

myskinevolution - Lori Carhart: Congratulations to my husband, Timothy Carhart for his recurring part in “Yellowstone” starring Kevin Costner! The ‘Wife Airfare’ is pretty cool, too. #actorslife #actorswife #parkcityutah #Yellowstone #swipeleft @paramountnetwork (Posted November 30th)

Marie Higgins commented: DAUGHTER UPDATE! She had a great time on the movie set of the upcoming TV series, Yellowstone, but she wasn't able to get her picture taken with Kevin Costner (darn it!) or the other actors. She said it's because the dress they had her wear didn't have any place for her to carry her cell. hahahaha. Anyway, the scene she was in was a scene with Kevin Costner. She got to watch him as he switched modes between being an actor and being a producer. She has gained more respect for him. My daughter sat at a table (during the dinner scene) with some actors who have played on many TV shows over the years. So, keep your fingers crossed that because this bigger actors were at her table, that she'll be in the actual after editing. We'll have to wait until Spring 2018 to know... lol (Posted November 30th)

Old West Candy Store commented: Kevin Costner and friends were just now in Old West Candy Store buying coffees. Yayyyyy! (Posted December 3rd)

Old West Candy Store commented: These gals from the Yellowstone tv Series come in nearly every day for a coffee. Yesterday Kevin Costner came in for coffee w friends. I missed him, boo hoo. Decorating for Christmas today. It was a busy day at Old West Candy in Darby. (Posted December 4th)

joeybraxton - Joey Braxton: #SportsRapper - OG Kevin Costner!! 🎥Besides Love and Hip Hop ATL and other reality shows, this is my first time EVER being on the set of a TV show and seeing a California style Film Studios! Much love to Utah Film Studios for this opportunity! 💯S/O to Zack and Emma for the fresh tour! @zdp1011 @_emmaj18_ (Posted December 4th)

Stuart Graves commented: Kevin Costner's series, "Yellowstone" is going to be filming in my neighborhood in a couple of weeks! :) #Yellowstone #KevinCostner #HollywoodAtMyDoor (Posted December 5th)

lailani_sue - Lailani Upham: My happy holiday dance! It's a great day to be me in Montana! 😂Why you ask? I met film Director Taylor Sheridan AND Kevin Costner today - oh, and our awesome Gov. Steve Bullock was in the bunch! (Posted December 7th)

Wood County native works on Kevin Costner series by Paul LaPann December 9, 2017

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