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Kevin visits Ventura childhood home and more...

CentralScrutinizer‏ @Brian_Hughes_ tweeted: Look who went to visit his boyhood home in Ventura on Thursday.. #KevinCostner #Ventura #VenturaCalifornia #VenturaStrong #Hometown #hometownboy #Pilgrimage (Posted January 6, 2018)

Ventura County Grows Business commented: Did You Know?: Kevin Costner was a Ventura County resident for a period of time. He lived with his family in Upper Ojai, in a house on Topa Lane, when he was 6 and where he also sold roadside apricots. "I logged a lot of time at the Ventura Pier," Costner said. "I'd go up into the Sespe above Santa Paula, to the Punch Bowls. I hunted in the bottomlands." He went to Saticoy Elementary School, Cabrillo Middle School and Buena High School, where he played baseball, basketball and other sports. When asked where he's from, Mr. Costner always responds with, "Ventura County." (Source: Ventura County Star) (Posted April 17, 2017)

Celtic Diana Moon commented: Yes, Kevin moved before graduating Buena. He and his family lived 2 doors down from me on Loma Vista Road off Wells, 2 story house. (Posted January 13, 2012)

David Coffey commented: Kevin lived at 425 Revere near Wells Road and Foothill Road. Went to Saticoy elem Cabrillo and Buena but moved before grad. He lived for a short while in Ojai before moving to Revere. (Posted January 14, 2012)

State Farm: Roberto Garza commented: Ran into Kevin Costner at the big Buena vs. Ventura basketball game last night!!! (Posted February 8, 2014)

Dena Popara commented: I have GOT to tell y'all that my mom, friend Lesli, and I met Kevin Costner in Ventura, CA, which is his hometown. We were sitting at a booth in the Busy Bee Restaurant when he walked past us to take two of his young sons to the rest room. Since a key was needed for entry, the boys ran back to the front counter to get it while Kevin stood within arm's reach of me, watching them. I said "Hi" and when he turned to look at me, I stuck out my hand and said, "My name is Dena." He shook my hand and said, "I'm Kevin." I then introduced him to my mom and Lesli and he shook their hands, too. At this time, Lesli said to him, "I used to be sooooo in love with you--but I'm not anymore." Kevin chuckled and then went off to the back of the restaurant with his boys. Soon the kids went racing past us toward their table but Kevin stopped at our booth. He leaned over our table, put his face close to Lesli's and asked, "Why don't you love me anymore?" I loved the look on Lesli's face as she groped for something to say and finally mustered, "I left you to better hands." Kevin laughed and walked off. Later, talking to the waitress, she said the restuarant's manager got Kevin to sign a picture they had of him playing with his band a few blocks down the road, though the picture wasn't back on the wall yet. He was the real deal. (Posted December 21, 2016)

Erin Kathleen Seiler commented: Just hangin with Kevin Costner at the Ventura big thing...- with Kyra Sei. I spotted him walking next to us and very quietly asked him if we could take a photo...he is so nice!! I met him once before when he held a concert downtown Ventura..he's a local! (August 7, 2014)

Vince Chairenza commented: Hanging out with the family Jen and Kevin Costner at the Ventura county fair lol!!! (Posted August 10, 2015)

jessejames805 - Jessie Gurrola: It was great to meet @kevincostner_ tonight and talk about how awesome Ventura county is and learned some great history about Ventura. Thanks Kevin and @kevincostnermodernwest for a great show tonight. #TY1PE #AWARENESS #EDUCATE #SPONSOR #LIVELIFE #kEVINCOSTNER#VENTURA#CALIFORNIA. He's definitely a great person humble down to earth. We got to talk and my friend got to catch up with him and his family they grew up two houses down from each other great to see family friends reunite again especially in his home town.(Posted August 10, 2015)

On The Lamb Herding commented: Kevin Costner concert with Candy Lindstrom. concert ever!! So much fun!! They put on a great show..who knew Kevin was from Ventura? ?? (Posted August 10, 2015)

Bunny Ginn commented: Larry hanging out with an old friend of his at the Ventura county fair. Happens to be Kevin Costner... (Posted August 10, 2015)

Lisa Luna commented: Kevin Costner and Modern West... Ventura County Fairgrounds....OMG!!! I loved him! He is so cute and his music definitely tells a story! So infatuated with his lost soldier stories of Afghanistan and Iraq! So sincere! (Posted August 10, 2015)

Marianne Worden commented: At Ventura County Fair Grandstand. (Posted August 10, 2015)

Tom Hannon commented: Good show. Kevin talked a little about each song and how good it was to be home in Ventura (Ventura County Fair) (Posted August 13, 2015)

Gary Calhoun photos: Ventura County Fair concert: (Posted August 16, 2015)

FlacayTony Uribe commented: Kevin Costner at Ventura's fair!!! Ventura nights!!! Aside from being a great actor is a great singer!! (Posted August 22, 2015)

Pam Baumgardner photo Ventura concert: (Posted August 10, 2015)

Sara Jane Danaher commented: Kevin Costner's band playing to 15000 people in Ventura on Saturday night. SJ was lucky to have a back stage pass! (Posted July 29, 2008)

Maggie Leuck Doherty commented: Robbie and Maggie, looking to cute at the camera. We are Kevin Costner's concert Ventura 08 (Posted July 11, 2009)

Maryam Nikkhah commented: kevin Costner with his band in Ventura's Down Town. (Posted September 16, 2008)

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