Monday, February 12, 2018

Some various items I found about Kevin and more...

juddwhite : Super Bowl Carpenteria style.

Stars Come Out To Benefit Victims Of Thomas Fire CBS Los Angeles Published on Feb 3, 2018 Kevin Costner and Colbie Caillat were just a few of the performers to take part. Jeff Nguyen reports.

Mary Gazza commented: Happy birthday my love ❤ Kevin Costner & Modern West (Posted January 18th)

Daniel Rojo commented: Ohhh wut Kevin Costner saw The Dance Network kids perform!! AWESOME (Posted February 15, 2017)

Rena Rae Jackson commented: Kevin Costner I see why Whitney wanted to run after you lol (LaPlace, LA) (Posted January 29th)

Edward Diaz to ‎Kevin Costner & Modern West: The day I helped him prepared for a party (Posted March 15, 2017)

Victoryoveryourself commented: With Kevin Costner & Modern West. (Posted December 20, 2016)

Melissa Farlow commented: He comes in to my work every couple months, and he is SO humble, and extremely nice! He is even better looking in person too! (Posted January 18th)

lorenzo fuentes @lorenzofuentes6 Replying to @DarkDNTM tweeted: dude is like 6 foot 3 minimun. i used to see kevin costner back in the late 80's with his family on state street (santa barbara). he was a very normal engaging person if you there weren't too many people around. (Posted February 8th)

Kevin Costner: old French interview for The Bodyguard SuperCiccio C. Published on Sep 28, 2012

etruka: Happy birthday to my sister.... 8 years ago Kevin Costner was making an appearance at your party :) #kevincostner (Posted February 5th)

The Clown Who Wears The CROWN February 7, 2018 Excerpt: Who do you consider to be your biggest personal and professional influences? Lots of great vocalists over the years I look up to artistically: Scott Walker, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Tom Jones, just to name a few. But the one who inspires me to be a better person is Kevin Costner. He is the ultimate Renaissance Man as an award-winning actor, director, writer. He also tours with his own rock band and gets involved in environmental causes. I wish I were half as cool as Costner.,19166

mtsoundmixer - Maulyt: I really enjoyed working with #kevinkostner, I found out one morning when he was playing some tunes that it was him singing 🎤 and his band is also awesome! Such a pleasure and great laughs before set! #draftday2014 (Posted October 22, 2017)

jovanagerman - Yoya Wolf: When you meet a legend and realize he's such a great guy... Always remembering lovely chat and this evening... #tbt #tb #kevinkostner #belgrade #happy #greatmoments #moviestar #singer #singerlife #singing #amazingevening (Posted September 1, 2016)

Valerie Stern Creighton commented: Just got home from a wonderful 2 days in Santa Barbara. Jody and I went to a party (look who was there!) chose the stone for our new boat (I know you REALLY want to look at pictures of marble, even more than pics of Kevin Costner,... (Posted October 29, 2016)

Krystle Mcgill commented: These are the times when I am extremely proud of being a Journalist... I had the pleasure to interview Kevin Costner at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival... Yes Kevin, you can definatley Bodyguard me (Posted February 16, 2015)

Krystle Mcgill commented: It's always great to have a laugh with my bud Kevin Costner... Love your work my Bodyguard (Posted March 31, 2015)

Krystle Mcgill commented: Kevin why so surprised that we share the same birthday? We're twins (Posted March 19, 2015)

John Taeusch commented: Just saw Dances With Wolves again with Kevin Costner pictured with me last year in DC. Great movie and great actor! (Posted July 22, 2017)

kevincostner_germany - Kevin Costner Fanpage: Kevin Costner with daughter

ritawilson - Rita Wilson: @praisethelourd This was taken at our house circa 1989. That's #kevincostner patiently awaiting some seriousness. #carriefisher #Fbf #fbf (Posted February 2nd)

BrianDePalmaArchives‏ @DePalmaArchives tweeted: Shooting the dinner scene in The Untouchables (1987) De Palma with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia & C. Martin Smith (Posted January 29th)

Judy Schultz@littlejudyblue Replying to @TallShipProds @Outlander_STARZ tweeted: Wow cool!👍🏻Only time met Denise on set in ME working in locations on Message in a Bottle was when a PA mistakenly took her nanny for someone "stalking" Kevin Costner on set & asked me to talk to her. When apologized thanked me for doing a good job! (Posted February 2nd)

Tunnel vision by Katie Redding, Aspen Times Weekly, August 15, 2008

Iowa man charged with damaging ‘Field of Dreams’ site with vehicle Linh Ta, The Des Moines Register Fedbruary 1, 2018

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