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The latest from Kevin filming 'Highwaymen' in Louisiana...

Chris Cleland commented: I just got a notice on my front door saying that they will be filming near my house. Finally something halfway interesting is happening in Loranger. (Posted February 14th)

Barbara Bankston Poolson commented: The Ingraffia family got to meet Kevin Costner while he was filming The Highwaymen in Loranger this weekend. Said he was a perfect gentleman. Cool! (Posted February 18th)

Mzjohnnygirl Jenkins commented: Had a whole movie scene in loranger lastnight til 5 dis morning. #Kevin #Costner (Posted February 18th)

Randy Hudson commented: How crazy is this?! Where I'm at in Louisiana is where they're shooting the new Bonnie and Clyde movie! In the parking lot next door they got Kevin Costner, woody harrelson. This is awesome! (Vacherie, LA) (Posted February 20th)

Ivan Cabrera commented: Kevin Costner what a genuine guy. Dinner and many laughs with the man (Posted February 26th)

Dean Denton commented: Today, I was in a scene with Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson. Kevin has won 2 Oscars and Woody is up for best supporting actor for the Oscars this coming Sunday. When you are 2 feet away from guys like this, it is easy to see why they have done so much. They are so focused, so driven, so intense, and they for sure bring their A game when they walk on set. In 1985, I was living in Arlington, TX and I went to see the movie "Silverado" that was starring Kevin Costner and many other great actors. I went with my best friend Wes Smothers. I remember walking out of the theater after it was over and Wes said to me, "It would be great to work with any of those actors someday wouldn't it?" I said yes but I just knew that something like that could never happen to me. But God is so powerful. (Posted February 26th)

Randy Lanoix commented: Donaldsonville has been a destination for lots of movies. This is the old Joe Giambrone grocery store on the corner of Lessard and Charles street. His Brother Peter had a store on the corner of Lessard and Nichols. In fact in the 60’s it seemed we had a store on every street corner. In 1948 there were over 40 of these family run corner groceries in Donaldsonville. (Posted February 27th)

Lance Northcutt commented: They was in independence a couple of weeks ago I went to the dr didnt no my office was closed because of the movie filming I thought it was a classic car show or something I walked all down through where the tour busses were set up and didn't even know freaking Woody Harlson and My all time Favorite actor Kevin Costner was literally right there (Posted February 27th)

Keshia Spencer commented: Today is the last day of filming in front my damn house. It was so much fun too watch but that’s enough. Shout out to Kevin Costner and Woodie Harrelson they were really nice to everyone. (Posted February 27th)

Marie Nannyre Siears-Alleman commented: Movie scenes in Donaldsonville. Kevin Costner, woody Harrelson and Kathy Bates did our city proud! (Posted February 27th)

Pictures from "The Highwaymen" movie set posted by Austin James February 27, 2018

Darryl Hambrick commented: Thanks your visit Kevin Costner visits River Road African American museum during a filming break. Seeking to know the past ,in order to understand the future. (Near Gonzalez, LA) (Posted February 27th)

River Road African American Museum, 406 Charles St, Donaldsonville, Louisiana:

Heberto J Ledesma commented: Filming to Start in Downtown Hammond Louisiana !!! (Posted February 27th)

Katie Calvaruso commented: Well. Yet again I’m talking to the crew and texting and this happens right after he walked behind me!!!!! Chris Calvaruso #welldamn #heissofine #kevincostner. He was getting in the black SUV when we caught him. (Posted February 28th)

Chris Calvaruso commented: In Your neighborhood tomorrow. Filming in the area around The Cabin. Several crew members had told us yesterday and today that they were going to White Castle tomorrow. Now it is in Burnside. Or as they call it, Sorrento. (Posted February 28th)

Chris Calvaruso commented: Not coming back next month. That is why they filmed again today. Now they are finished in D’ville. So said the location manager late this evening. (Posted February 28th)

Robin Taylor Abrams commented: They were in Independence and Loranger a few weeks ago! Everyone can’t wait to see our little town in a movie Home of the Independence Sicilian heritage festival. (Posted February 28th)

Fam Joshua commented: Hey Rajiv, your friend, Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson are filming a movie in Errol's hometown of Donaldsonville, LA today! (Posted February 28th)

Kevin Costner poses for picture while shooting in Ascension Parish By Samantha Morgan March 1st 2018

Ascension Parish Schools commented: Kevin Costner stopped to take a photo with Ascension Head Start Director Martha Babin while filming in Donaldsonville yesterday. (Posted March 1st)

Alyssa Hebert commented: We met Kevin Costner!! (Posted March 2nd)

Tanya Madere Roccaforte commented: He was chillin in Jeff n Amanda’s circle... he was so sweet and sociable.... total sweetheart eating MD’s (McDonalds) and was asking if he wanted Buddy B’s shrimp stew ... which we had left over that they donated to the workers !!!! (Posted March 2nd)  

Tanya Madere Roccaforte Rochelle we told him all about Perry’s Posse. We invited him for pastalaya tomorrow but he said he was leaving at 5:30 to go see his kids (Posted March 2nd)

Rosemary Miano Giardina commented: Just finished filming here in Donaldsonville, but I didn't get to take my pic with him or meet him; some of my friends did. Had read that he would be filming there and maybe LaPlace.We've had other movies filmed here--Bonnie and Clyde and others. Brad Pitt, Billy Bob Thornton and others have been here; happy for y'all!!! (Posted March 2nd)

Leo Bayard commented: I'm in that one Kevin. Kevin and Woody and crew were having a fun day in Donaldsonville filming some scenes. We may be back March 16th. Very kool and down to earth. I also worked on his movie " Black and White" as a lawyer. (Posted March 3rd)

Holly Pellissier Sparks commented: Nothing like hanging out on a Friday in Garyville with Kevin Costner listening to his music sitting by the fire and playing a little pitch and catch with Cody Pellissier and Rick Pellissier showing Kevin's right hand man how to eat crawfish. Woody Harrison showed up too in his bus. .this was about 300 feet in my backyard at my cousin's yard....I didn't really know all these was going to happen..they contacted Lindy and ask to use their yard and she called us and we went there when Kevin was I went (Posted March 3rd)

PWhack Con commented: I just had to share these pictures that my Aunt Diane (Hodges) who lives in Louisiana posted. Kevin Costner camped in their yard while filming a movie. He took pictures and played catch with kids. So neat she amd her family got to experience this! Also nice to hear a good story about Hollywood and the movie industry these days. #kevincostner (Posted March 4th)

Amanda Laiche‏ @LilLaiche tweeted: Oh you know, casually chilling outside Kevin Costner’s camper (Posted March 2nd)

Andi Smith Stein‏ @astein40 tweeted: When your son doesn't know who Kevin Costner is but "fangirls" over @MsKathyBates 😂#hwymen #disjointed. (Posted March 5th)

Sydney Kern‏ @sydneykern tweeted: Tonight on @WBRZ at 10, hear from the Executive Producer of 'The Highwaymen' on why Louisiana was a great backdrop for the film starring Kevin Costner and Woody Harrleson

Filming of 'The Highwaymen' moves to BR, Executive Producer applauds local crew members By: Sydney Kern March 05, 2018

WBRZ Channel 2 commented: Looks like the filming of Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson's 'The Highwaymen' has made its way from Ascension Parish over to Baton Rouge! (Posted March 5th)

Allie LeBlanc commented: Days of our lives in 1930ish at BR downtown- pretty awesome but where is Kevin Costner?? 🙁#hollywoodinBatonRouge #BonnieandClydeMovie (Posted March 5th)

Nottoway Plantation commented: It was both a pleasure and surprise to have Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson as guests at Nottoway this week, we wish them luck on their filming and will be on the lookout for their new movie on Netflix. (Posted March 1st)

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