Thursday, March 1, 2012

KC & MW Facebook pictures from their fans...

Two pictures from the Arizona Country Thunder concert by Mark A Dull:

Picture by Ina Malloy:

Picture from Sault St. Marie concert by Christine Carpenter:

Pictures by Tammy Kluz at Regina Craven Country Jamboree:

Picture by Chris CJ Johnson in Iowa:

Picture by Lisa Vorbeck:

Three pictures by Tamara McKernan, January 23, 2009, the Edmonton Chamber Ball:

Picture by Vicki Retherford, Sault St. Marie concert:

Two pictures by Laura Jeanne from the Spencerville concert:

Picture by Raphaƫlle Limoges:

Three pictures by Zanzarah Wi of the Dresden concert:

Picture by Rachel Garay Kobb:

Five pictures by Nadine Jenkins of the Rostock, Germany concert:

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